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This is Legal English UK, the world's leading school of English for lawyers, law students and law professionals needing lessons from our qualified legal English and TOLES teachers.

Our Legal English, Business English and TOLES courses in London and Online are led by great teachers.

Our trainers will prepare you for the TOLES exam certificate, draft a contract, improve your grades at law school or mentor you to develop a successful career as an international lawyer.

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Legal English London School

"I took the intensive Legal English course and had an incredible experience learning the language with a great tutor. Highly recommended."

Yuichi Sato, Japanese lawyer

"I am a translator who needs accurate Legal English for my work. This course helped me to have a greater command of Legal English."

Melissa Benvides, Translator

"I visit London every year to learn English for Law and the course is always fresh and interesting. The tutors really know their subject."

Enrico Sarti, Lawyer