The Legal English Correction Service

Do you have a law essay due? Would you like our expert proofreaders to check an important email or letter you are about to send out? Do you have an article that you have written for your law firm's website or an academic journal that you would like us to check for spelling and grammar errors? Let us help you.

Legal Proofreading Online

Proofreading and English correction

The Legal English School's teachers are here to help you be confident that your written work is clear, accurate and free of mistakes. We set up our proofreading and error correction service to help the hundreds of lawyers and law students who take pride in their work and need confidence that their letters, emails and essays are 100% accurate.

The Legal English Grammar Guide is available at Amazon

You can send your work to our English Correcting Department using the form below. We will invoice you immediately.



Professional editing and proofreading for a competitive fee

All English language errors and ambiguities removed or corrected

Your work will have an enhanced style and impact

Confidential, safe and secure service

We work with law firms and lawyers from across the world

Legal Proofreading and Editing Service