TOLES Exam Preparation Classes

This intensive immersion course from The Legal English School is designed to prepare candidates for the TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) examination. Courses run prior to the exam itself, as well as online or on a one-to-one basis throughout the year. They are taught by expert TOLES Legal English teachers.

The Legal English School

How do I pass the TOLES Exam?

Having helped over 3,000 lawyers, paralegals, law students and other legal professionals to success with the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills, the London School of Legal English is the course provider of choice for lawyers who want to be fully prepared when taking either of the three test papers (TOLES Foundation, TOLES Higher and TOLES Advanced).

Upon completion of the course, you will then be able to take the exam at any of our TOLES affiliate exam centres in London or around the world.

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Why should I take the TOLES exam?

The TOLES exam offers participants the opportunity to gauge their knowledge of legal English. Having a goal when you start learning any subject is useful and TOLES provides an achievable goal.

What is the TOLES exam?

There are three TOLES exams: TOLES Foundation, TOLES Higher and TOLES Advanced. The examination was started in 2000 and is administered by Global Legal English. The aim of the TOLES exams are to meet the standard of English set by those law firms which are members of the Legal 500.

TOLES Course Dates

The TOLES course from London School of Legal English may be taken online, in-company anywhere in the world or at regular weekend training workshops that we operate in Wimbledon and Central London. Contact The Legal English School for current dates.