Legal English Vocabulary Course

This course is for lawyers and law students who want to improve their vocabulary skills for work and university. The aim is for participants to use legal vocabulary more effectively.

English for Law Vocabulary Skills Training

Our Legal English Vocabulary Course online, in London and in Dubai is aimed at lawyers, law students and legal professionals who require teaching in word skills, collocation, prepositions, expressions, phrasal verbs and idioms that relate directly to English for Law.

What is the best Intensive Legal English Course?

Why do I need a legal vocabulary course?

It has been estimated that there are over 3,000 words and phrases that exist in legal English. While there have been moves to more plain English, it seems that legalese will exist for some time to come.

Is the lesson free?

We are often asked about free lessons and we are afraid that it is not possible. If you look through the Legal English Blog you will find more free content than any other language school. If you are taking a course with us, you will be able to email one of our tutors during your course for additional help and advice.

Who is the course aimed at?

The legal vocabulary skills course is aimed at non-native speakers who are working or studying in the legal field. We have worked with teachers, lawyers, translators and interpreters and are tutors are confident with everyone.

For further information on learning the vocabulary and expressions of Legal English, please contact us.